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Monday, November 14, 2011

shaggy felt rug

felt rose shag rug

Felt has got many uses, the best we have attained. This rose rug is made with wool felt. Visit our website www.custom-rugs-custom-carpets or email us at for more details

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Washable shaggy rugs

machine shaggy rugs

I cannot resist myself sharing the fact which i am repeatedly saying that shaggy rugs are the best rugs for todays fashion era.

The trendy colours, trendy patterns all are great, which can be very well transformed in shaggy rugs.

Before buying the rugs, people are very much concern of its maintenance, they want that when it gets dirty they should clean easily.

When you wash it is called washable shaggy rugs. Please make very important note that any rug which are having CLOTH BACK WITH LATEX, cannot be washed.

The modern design shag area rugs or say contemporary design shag area rugs are made with such technique where one can easily wash these kind of rugs, and clean the same.

Our mirzapur-bhadohi carpets and rugs are covered under this category.

If you need any details please contact us at

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shag Rugs in different languages

shaggy rugsgauruotas pledai gauruotas kilimaiמדובלל שטיחיםIn English, we cay shaggy rugs and shaggy carpets. Do you know what we say the same term in other language ? Please see undermentioned :
얽히고 설킨 러그  얽히고 설킨 카페트
pinkains paklāji

1. ARABIC : أشعث السجاد
tapetes shaggy

2. BULGARIAN: рошав килим

3. CROATIAN: Shaggy tepisi

4. CZECH : chlupatý předložky, chlupatý koberec

5. DANISH :shaggy tæpper, lodne tæpper

bozontos szőnyegektappeti Shaggy
シャギー敷物 毛むくじゃらカーペットrugaí shaggy cairpéid shaggy

6.DUTCH : shaggy tapijten

7. FINNISH : Shaggy matot

8. FRENCH : tapis shaggy

9. GERMAN : Shaggy Teppiche

10. GREEK :δασύτριχος χαλιά, shaggy χαλιά

11. HEBREW : מדובלל שטיחים

12. HUNGARIAN : bozontos szőnyegek

13. IRISH : rugaí shaggy, cairpéid shaggy

Shaggy matot
14. ITALIAN : tappeti Shaggy

15. JAPANESE : シャギー敷物 毛むくじゃらカーペット

shaggy tapijten16. KOREAN :얽히고 설킨 러그 얽히고 설킨 카페트

17. LATVIAN : pinkains paklāji

18. LITHUANIAN : gauruotas pledai, gauruotas kilimai

19. PERSIAN: فرش کرک شده تابلو فرش کرک شده

tapis shaggy20. Portugese : tapetes shaggy

21. Romanian : covoare Shaggy

22. Russian : мохнатые ковры

23. Spanish : alfombras shaggy, alfombras lanudas

Shaggy Teppiche
24. Swedish : lurvig mattor

25. Turkish : Shaggy halılar, shaggy halı

26. Ukarian : волохаті килими

Though different country have their own term, but carpets and rugs are same.

If you need any details please contact us at

Shaggy tepisi
рошавأشعث السجاد
chlupatý předložky chlupatý koberec

shaggy tæpper lodne tæpper

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

terminology shaggy rug or shag area rug or shaggy carpet

shaggy carpet made in polyester
shaggy carpet made in polyester

All are confused in difference between term "shaggy rug" "shag area rug" "shag rug" or "shag carpet"

To be true except term "shag carpet" all mean one and the same thing. The difference is there between term "carpet" and term "rug".

Area rugs are large or small pieces within the floor, whereas carpets are always fastened to the floor and usually cover the entire floor in a single room.

For example if your room is size of 10'x12', and is totally covered with any floor coverings it is called carpet, but when you lay a floor covering say about 4'x6', next to your bed or any place, it is "area rug".

These days "shaggy rug" "shag area rug" "shag rug" are mostly in very much demand, for the reason of different varities, different designs. These shag area rugs are made in artificial silk, in fine polyester, in wool, in leather, in hemp...i mean anything you name, it is made.

For range of shag area rugs you may visit  links as under :-

If you need any details please contact us at

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Indian carpets and rugs demanded by different part of world in their way

hand-made indian rug
indian carpets

Manufacturers and exporters of handmade carpets, rugs in India, including shaggy rugs and shaggy carpets, hand-tufted-rugs and hand-tufted carpets, hand-knotted rugs and hand-knotted carpets, and other kind of hand-woven rugs and hand-woven carpets.

the purpose of the above information is to make aware that you can contact the right person for your requirement of handmade rugs and handmade carpets. Our e-mail address :

English to French translation

Les fabricants et exportateurs de tapis faits main, des tapis en Inde, y compris les tapis shaggy et tapis shaggy, touffetés à la main-tapis et les moquettes tuftés à la main, des tapis noués à la main et des tapis noués à la main, et d'autres types de main-tapis tissés à la main-tapis tissés.

l'objet de l'information ci-dessus est de faire savoir que vous pouvez contacter la bonne personne pour votre condition de tapis faits main et tapis faits main. Notre adresse e-mail:

English to Arabic translation

مصنعي ومصدري السجاد اليدوي والسجاد في الهند، بما في ذلك البسط والسجاد أشعث الأشعث، ومن ناحية معنقدة البسط والسجاد اليدوي معنقدة، والسجاد المعقود يدويا والسجاد اليدوي معقود، ونوع آخر من البسط المنسوجة واليد باليد نسج السجاد.

الغرض من المعلومات الواردة أعلاه هو جعل علم أنه يمكنك الاتصال بالشخص المناسب لمتطلباتكم من السجاد اليدوي والسجاد اليدوي. لدينا عنوان البريد الإلكتروني :

English to German translation

Hersteller und Exporteure von handgefertigten Teppichen, Decken in Indien, darunter zottige Teppiche und Shaggy Teppiche, handgetufteten-Teppiche und Hand-Teppiche, handgeknüpfte Teppiche und handgeknüpfte Teppiche und andere Art von handgewebte Teppiche und Hand-gewebte Teppiche.

Zweck der obigen Informationen bewusst zu machen, dass Sie die richtige Person für Ihre Anforderung von handgefertigten Teppichen und handgefertigten Teppichen zu kontaktieren. Unsere E-Mail-Adresse ein:

יצרנים ויצואנים של שטיחים בעבודת יד, שטיחים בהודו, כולל שטיחי שאגי שטיחי שאגי, יד המצויץ, שטיחים המצויץ יד, שטיחים מסוקס יד ושטיחים מסוקס יד, ואת סוג אחר של שטיחים ארוגים ביד ביד ארוגים שטיחים.

מטרת המידע הנ"ל היא להפוך מודע לכך שאתה יכול ליצור קשר עם האדם הנכון עבור הדרישה שלך של שטיחים בעבודת יד ושטיחים בעבודת יד. שלנו כתובת דואר אלקטרוני:

English to Italian translation

Produttori ed esportatori di tappeti fatti a mano, tappeti in India, tra tappeti e tappeti shaggy shaggy, mano-tufted-tappeti e moquette trapuntata a mano, tappeti annodati a mano e tappeti annodati a mano, e altri tipi di tappeti tessuti a mano e mano-tappeti tessuti.

Ai fini delle informazioni di cui sopra è quello di rendere consapevoli del fatto che è possibile contattare la persona giusta per il vostro requisito di tappeti fatti a mano e tappeti fatti a mano. Il nostro indirizzo e-mail:

English to Persian translation

تولید کنندگان و صادر کنندگان فرش دستباف، فرش در هند، از جمله فرش و تابلو فرش کرک شده کرک شده، دست tufted - فرش و دست tufted فرش، دست گره دار فرش و تابلو فرش های دست گره دار، و نوع دیگر از دست بافته شده فرش و دست فرش بافته شده.

هدف از اطلاعات فوق این است که آگاه باشید که شما می توانید فرد مناسب برای نیاز خود را از فرش دستباف و تابلو فرش دستباف تماس بگیرید. آدرس ما پست الکترونیکی :

Производителей и экспортеров ковров ручной работы, ковры в Индии, в том числе мохнатые ковры и мохнатые ковры, руки-хохолком-ковры и ручной тафтинговые ковры, ручной работы ковры ручной и ковров, и другие виды ковры ручной работы и ручной тканые ковры.

Цель выше информации, чтобы знать, что вы можете связаться с нужным человеком для вашего требования ковров ручной работы и ковры ручной работы. Наш адрес электронной почты:

English to Spanish translation

Fabricantes y exportadores de alfombras hechas a mano, alfombras de la India, incluyendo alfombras y moquetas Shaggy Shaggy, alfombras a mano moñudo y alfombras tejidas a mano, alfombras tejidas a mano y alfombras tejidas a mano, y otro tipo de alfombras tejidas a mano y mano tejido de alfombras.

con el propósito de la información anterior es para hacer conciencia de que puede comunicarse con la persona adecuada para su requisito de alfombras hechas a mano y alfombras hechas a mano. Nuestra dirección de correo electrónico:

English to Turkish translation
Üreticileri ve tüylü kilim ve shaggy halı, el-sorguçlu-kilim ve el-sorguçlu halı, el-düğümlü halı ve el-düğümlü halı ve el dokuması kilim ve el diğer tür içeren el yapımı halı, Hindistan kilim, ihracatçıları-halı dokuma.

Yukarıdaki bilgilerin amacı el yapımı kilim ve el yapımı halı ihtiyaçlarınız için doğru kişiye farkında yapmaktır. E-posta adresi:

Saturday, January 08, 2011

shaggy rugs in polyester

shaggy rugs indiashaggy rugs india
shaggy rugs india

shaggy rugs indiaHandwoven shaggy rugs are mande in polyester, which is the most acceptable yarn. for more details contact us at

shaggy rugs in india

shaggy rugs india
shaggy rugs india
shaggy rugs india
shaggy rugs india

Indian shaggy rugs are considered to be best when we talk for the designs, pattern and colour matchings.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

leather shaggy rugs and carpets in india

leather shaggy rugs and leather shaggy carpets in india

leather designer shaggy rugs india
leather shaggy rugs and carpets in india
These are the designs we have made in leather. we call these leather shaggy rugs in designs, all these are made by hand.

These are more popularly in demand in iran and such other muslim countries more in addition to greece.

leather designer shaggy rugs
leather shaggy rugs and carpets in india
When we say iran we mean specially TEHRAN for leather shag rugs

The designs are made in loop pile and cut pile, reversable pile.

If you need any details please contact us at

Monday, July 26, 2010

Leather shaggy rugs and Leather shaggy carpets

leather shag rug designer india

Leather shaggy rugs and Leather shaggy carpets

When we talk about the designs in leather shaggy carpets and rugs, one feel stange, they ask can you make designs in leather shaggy?

We say, YES, we make designs in leather shaggy. Earlier it was plain leather shaggy which was manufactured, but as time changed the leather shaggy carpets and leather shaggy rugs, which were made in plain, are now made in designs too. Some of the designs in leather shaggy carpets are here.

This is the speciality of our indians, that we are flexible as per the demand. Earlier there was huge demand of leather shaggy carpets and rugs, in plain, now the clients demand more for leather shaggy rugs in designs.

If you need any details please contact us at

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shaggy rugs in India

shaggy rugs in designs india
designer handwoven polyester shaggy rug

Shaggy rugs in India or shag rugs from India.

india is a country where you will have all kind of shaggy rugs, whether it is handwoven shaggy rug, whether machine made shaggy rug. apprantly when you see the shggy rug from pile side you cant make it out whether the shaggy rug is handwoven or is machine made.

Still being a manufacturer i feel that handwoven shaggy are much better than machine made shaggy...

For more details, email us at

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shaggy Rugs machine manufacturers

There is nothing to worry. If you wish to have manufacturing of shaggy rugs, by machine in your country, in your factory, there is no problem, dont think that its big machine require lots of space, no no, its just like sweing machine, with tremendous results.

Shaggy rug machine comes in one standard form, with 4 needles used...more later...

For more details, email us at

Shaggy Rug machine and Shaggy yarn

The trend these days for shaggy rugs are shifting from handmade to machine made. Can you belive just simple machine of 2200 usd cost, can weave 250 approx sq ft per day?

Its good that we have associationship with shaggy machine manufacturers and yarn manufacturers for making shaggy rugs, in machine.

thick hair yarn or any other yarn upto specifed size can be used for making shaggy rugs, in machine. the needles in which these are inserted, and the blade which at the downside of the machine cut, make this cut pile shaggy. When the blade is taken out from the down side of machine, which doesnt make it cut, loop pile shaggy is made.

yarn for these are made in proper cone, so that the speed of the machine doesnt gets disrupt.

This is creating a big revolution, and i must say that this is the future.

If you need any more assistance, you may contact us.

For more details, email us at

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Thick Wool shag Rug in Loop

We are happy to share with you all once again our newly made wool shag rugs in Loop pile, something different from what has offered you, in past.

Please treat yourself as part of the blog and we would invite your comments on the same.

For more details, email us at

Wool shag Rugs


wool shaggy rugs
colours of thick wool shaggy rug
It has been observed that the consumers are more interested for wool shag rugs. Overseas Consumers dont know that the best quality handmade wool shag rugs, are mainly manufactured in India. Wool rugs are having its own properties. Do you know that the wool rugs absorbs moisture of the room temperature and release the same, when the temperature is dry?

Woolen shag rugs are made in thick wool, like fingures, and even thin, or mix of both.

Wool shag rugs can be made in any colour you wish, solid colour wool shag rug, pastel shades wool shag rugs, you ask for and everything is available.

For more details, email us at

Friday, March 14, 2008

Odd Shape Shag Area rug for lobby


Wish to share one of the latest shag rug made for Lobby. Its very tough to make the odd size shag rug, but even though, we understand this business and the production technique with which this can be made.

When we talk about custom made rugs, its also include the oval, round, square because these are the patterns which every normal personal dont look for. its something special desired, by someone special...

For more details, email us at

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wool Shaggy Rugs-shaded colour effect

shaded wool shaggy rug
i cant resist myself sharing something more in wool shag rugs only.

Normally one has seen wool shag rugs in plain colours only, but do you know that we can also have wool shag rugs in shaded effect also. Dont believe??? See the picture.

For more details, email us at

Wool-Linen Shaggy Rugs

wool linen shaggy rug
wool-linen shaggy rug
You know the person who cares for the NATURE or wish to have SOMETHING natural,in floor coverings, will definetly like to have wool and linen mix shag rugs.

I tell you linen is natural and wool also being natural have a terrific combinations.

if you are interested i may send you some more beautiful pictures of wool-linen shag rug pictures.

For more details, email us at

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New developments in Shaggy Rugs

We are proud to inform that there are number of latest developments in designs and various forms we have developed in shag rugs. The reason is very simple shag rugs are the future of floor covering industry and we feel that regular development in this field will always provide something new for our customers.

This development consists of Polyester mixed with Fur. We call this Polyester Fur Shag, Designer shags(designs say boxes, stripes), and many such other which you will find to pick up.

India is considered to be a hub of manufacturing shaggy, with new and more developments at very faster pace, compared with other countries, which gives India always an upper hand.

For more details, email us at

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Still shaggy Rugs in Fashion???

Do you know that shaggy rugs, is still in fashion.

We are manufacturing the shaggy rugs, in many forms, you may see at many varities of shaggy rugs.

Shaggy Rugs manufactured in India are of very good quality. You may post your queries, if you wish to have the same.

These are rugs made in polyester, wool, viscose and many such other items.

For more details, email us at

Friday, December 23, 2005

shaggy rug- long pile


something very attractive and modern, i feel is shaggy rugs, these days...its something which is moving like HOT CAKE.

Being a manufacturer and exporters of handmade floor coverings ( carpets, rugs mats, dhurries, etc.), i feel SHAGGY RUGS are the best. This is something which is demand of the market and will be there in coming years.

Join us to have taste of this floor coverings. Contact us at for more details.